Go Green With Plumbing

What is Green Plumbing?

Two things that are accomplished when you go green with your plumbing would be lowering your monthly water bill and your impact on the environment. You can also lower your electric bill by switching to Energy-Star Certified Appliances.

What to Check

When you are looking to reduce your water usage there are a few things to look at. Faucet aerators, Toilets and shower heads are some examples. These items can be replaced with low flow or eco-friendly ones that will significantly lower your water usage. While some of these eco-friendly fixture’s have to be ordered online, most can be found in home Sammamish plumber improvement stores or plumbing supply shops.

Energy-Star Certified Appliances

There are a number of Energy-Star certified appliances such as Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Water Heaters. These are efficient with both water usage and power consumption and the upfront investment will save you money month to month covering the extra cost with in the first year.

Other GREEN Options

Tankless water heaters (on-demand water heaters) – Provide hot water right where you need it, when you need it, without a tank. In some cases a tankless water heater can cut your water-heating bill by up to 20 percent. Energy is wasted by warming water that has been sitting in an unused tank. The initial investment can be costly but will save space from not having a tank.

Solar Powered appliances and Outdoor Plumbing – Available solar powered appliances such as Pool Pumps, Fountains, and even Water Heaters. These are just a few examples of solar -powered plumbing devices / appliances. These items will help conserve energy which is also great for the environment.


Scrapped materials can bring in additional income and allows for pipes, fixtures and plumbing appliances to be reused or recycled. Broken appliances, old fixtures, pieces of copper, and other various metals that recycle centers would be thrilled to take off your hands. Make sure you recycle all your old plumbing equipment and materials it’s the Green thing to do.

Plumbers That Care

When you are ready for any plumbing service, contact a licensed and insured plumber. If a plumber is not licensed and insured they tend to not care whether you are interested in Going Green to help the environment and will cut corners that may save upfront costs on installation or maintenance service but over time could be very costly either by needing repeat service and maintenance or a high monthly water bill.


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